TopPicks For The Stylish Mom

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Mother's day, a wonderful celebration of those strong, amazing women who made us what we are today. From the few first steps to those priceless life lessons, mothers are the most selfless, giving people in our lives.


With the big day around the corner, don’t scramble for last minute gifts for your mom. We’re here to save the day so you don’t end up with just a bouquet on her bedside table. Instead, give her something thoughtful, practical and stylish—all bundled up together in a pair of new shoes!

Busy moms will truly appreciate shoes that take care of their hardworking feet. Here we’ve rounded up our top picks for Mother’s Day specials, so you’re sure to find something she’d love!


Flats- For Mom’s On-The-Go!



Any woman’s shoe collection is incomplete without a pair of modest flats. It’s an absolute must haves because of their versatility. They are available in multiple styles and can be worn with almost any outfit for any occasion—work, brunch or party! Also, they are a summer staple.

Whether your mom balances a career and home or she’s running back and forth between play dates, practices, and recitals—a pair of flats never go unappreciated. From simple sandals and loafers to fancy ballet and pointy work heels, they are your best bet for comfort with style.


Heels – For The Cool Mom!


We all know moms are cool. But if she’s high on style and loves getting dressed to the nines she’ll adore a pair of heels. The height of the heel defines the shoe. The tallest heel is usually a stiletto, while the smaller heels are called kittens.

Small heels are for those mom’s who want immense comfort with maybe an inch of a lift. Taller the heel gets, the less she’ll wear it keeping it exclusively for certain occasions. Again, there are a variety of heel styles to choose from—pumps, peep toes, wedges, blocks, ankle strap and the list goes on!


Wedges–For The Cool Mom On-The-Go!



Wedges are some of the most comfortable heels around. They blend the height of heels with the comfort of flat shoes. A stable solid mass covers the bottom of the shoe from toe to heel that makes it easy on the feet. They can alternate as everyday work shoes to Sunday brunch wear for your mom.

Wedges vary in style and come in a variety of heights, colors and materials. The most trendy wedge style is the Espadrille. They have a rope sole and are made of cloth on top. They not only offer a great deal of comfort but are perfect for daytime wear!

Whichever designer shoe for women you pick; don’t let your mom miss out on style points. Check them along with other accessories to gift your mom this Mother’s Day and enjoy a 20% flat off on all ladies shoes till 14th May 2017!

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