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Monk Straps


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  • Plain Black Monk Strap

    Regular Price: ₹ 10,999

    Special Price ₹ 7,699



    Regular Price: ₹ 10,999

    Special Price ₹ 7,699


Monk Strap Shoes – Step into a Gentleman’s Way of Dressing

With the changing trends of modern fashion, comfort has become as important as the appeal. The desire of this comfort to match perfectly with formal and casual styles has become the primary reason for the increasing attention towards monk strap shoes. Monk straps can be easily defined as loafers and oxford meeting at the middle point of style and comfort. Monk straps are easy to slip into but they include a vamp of the closed shoe.

Another distinctive feature of monk strap shoes is that they consist of straps and buckles instead of laces. You can easily find these shoes with one or two buckles. As these shoes can be seamlessly fastened with the help of straps, there is no need to worry about tangled laces. Monk shoes with one strap appear more formal due to their cleaner lines whereas two straps are gaining more popularity due to their sleek design.

These strap shoes were first brought into style by the monks in Europe from where they got their name. Today, they have become a preferred choice of many due to their lace-free architecture and balanced built which prevent the fear of falling.

Know about Monk Strap Shoes

Since the inception, the monk straps have become the primary choice for men to wear at both casual and formal occasions. These shoes are commonly available with one or two straps and can go up to three straps. You can easily make your style statement by pairing up strap shoes with chinos and a classy shirt ,or you can simply throw a blue trouser with a crisp white shirt for a jaw-dropping look. You can also wear strap shoes with or without socks. If you are wearing formal attire, avoid wearing them without socks.

These strap shoes for men do not require you to have a serious getup always. Go for a rockstar look if you wish. These shoes come in a variety of colors, but black and brown are the most preferred choices as they can blend perfectly with any tone of the outfit. Depending on the occasion, season and material, you can contrast the shoes for everyday errands.

Why Strap Shoes for Men are a League Apart?

Unlike any other shoes, these monk shoes for men come with a separate attachment of straps which makes them unique and set their style apart from any other shoe available in the market. Built with premium grade leather and bold lines running across its surface, these shoes can team well with almost any outfit. Due to a wide opening and use of soft material, these shoes are comfortable to wear and the straps on their top help you fasten them with ease. The soft and sturdy sole at the bottom makes it possible to wear them on any surface without fear of slipping or hurting your feet. The different variety of buckles available on these shoes serve as the contrasting elements. These buckles are like cufflinks on your shirt which enhance your appearance greatly.

Single Monk Strap Shoes or Double Monk Strap Shoes- Which is the Better Choice?

You can easily recognize a single or double monk strap shoes while looking at the number of straps available on them. Choosing between a single or double strap might be confusing. If you are looking for a more formal event like a board meeting, business lunch or a date night, you should go for a single strap with minimalistic design. Double monk strap shoes can easily brighten up your style at a casual lunch, pub parties or a Saturday night out.

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