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Moccasins for Men: A Fashion Statement

If you are heading for a business meeting, job interview or a simple weekend out with your boys, moccasins are the perfect choice for all these occasions. Now you can keep up your style statement intact while experiencing great comfort with these stylish shoes. Moccasins are probably the most versatile type of shoes worn by men. They go perfectly with your look for any event. So, before you head out to a party or corporate event, have a look at the best variety of men’s moccasin shoes available in stores and make your choice. A lot of people get easily confused between loafers and moccasins. Moccasins lack heel and are made up of a pure leather sole which is brought up to the sides and attached to a U-shaped leather piece on the top. The simplicity of this design is the main reason behind the extended comfort of moccasins. The outer leather surface of these shoes reflects a unique style with the combination of various designs and patterns. With a variety of in-sole options available, you can always adjust your moccasins as per your comfort level.

A Walk You Will Remember: The Comfortable Moccasins

Native Americans were the first ones to use these moccasins for men as their daily use footwear. As time passes, moccasins have evolved tremendously and became more of a fashion statement. Built with soft leather and comfortable insole, moccasins are the fabrication of style and comfort. One can check the different kinds of moccasin shoes for men as per their purpose.

Hard Sole Moccasins

With the addition of rubber or crepe to the sole of the shoe, it is possible to wear and walk in these moccasins on all surfaces. Be it a smooth office floor or a more rugged uneven surface, the moccasins will make you feel comfortable. The addition of an extra layer to the sole makes it possible to wear these shoes everywhere as the hard sole protects your feet from water, sharp rocks, slippery surface, etc.

Driving Moccasins

Driving moccasins for men are gaining a lot of popularity throughout the world. Unlike the traditional soft leather moccasins shoes, these shoes comprise of an insole with little knobs which peak through the holes of the leather sole. Due to these knobs, the shoe gets a better grip which makes them perfect for driving as you can press the clutch, brake or accelerator pedal of your car and keep control.

Soft Sole Moccasins

These moccasins provide you uttermost comfort. They are also termed as a loafer or home shoe and designed to be worn commonly indoors due to their soft leather sole. They can also be worn outside if the weather and conditions allow. You can wear them easily on grass and dry surfaces. To increase room for comfort, these moccasins have less traction. A lot of people enjoy wearing these lightweight and comfortable soft leather sole in their homes.

How to/When to Style Moccasins for Men

Moccasins can easily complement numerous styles of outfits. If you are looking for a structured formal appeal or a smart casual look, moccasins are your best choice. These formal shoes can perfectly accompany you to a board meeting as well as days of travelling. Comprising of a flat sole and variety of design, these shoes can become the centre of attraction if worn properly. Take a look at these simple factors to style up your moccasins.

Men’s Moccasins with Formals

If you are heading out to a business event wearing a suit or formals without a tie, you have to choose high-quality leather moccasins with minimalistic details and dark colours to blend perfectly with your attire. Narrow-toed shoes are your perfect option for these occasions. You need to make sure that the color of additional entities like your wristwatch, cufflinks or tie pin match with the color of your moccasins to look the best.

Men’s Moccasins with Semi-Formals/Business Casuals

You can easily achieve the semi-formal look by mixing a piece of casual wear with a formal one. You can simply put up a blazer on your t-shirt or pair up your denim with crispy light colored shirts. Moccasins are perfect shoes for the semi-casual look as they are built with the good quality leather and are modern in design.

Men’s Moccasins with Casuals

You need to choose muted colors like navy blue, grey or white to pair best with your casuals. The sleek design and shape of moccasins can bring a lot of grace to your casual clothing.

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