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Why Loafers are the First Choice

You may own a versatile variety of shoes for different occasions but we’re sure you can’t resist the charm of loafers. With uttermost comfort, this timeless silhouette is destined to add some flair to your shoe rack. Devised as an everyday wear for Norwegian farmer, loafers have been around for more than 80 years. With time and changing trends , they have undergone a evolution of their own. As a result of this evolution, loafers are now available in endless varieties making them the perfect shoes to be worn at every kind of occasion. Whether you are a party animal or a sophisticated businessman, you can't resist jamming your wardrobe without having at least a couple of these.

Loafer shoes for men are not just a ‘statement of style’. They are specifically designed for multiple activities, making them a great choice for travel, night out, party and beach day. The perfect amalgamation of style and comfort make loafers the first choice of men throughout the world. Unlike other shoes that require a bit of effort to put them around your feet, a loafer is a seamless fit. You can always choose between the shoes with or without laces as per your personal style and comfort.

Look Great While Wearing Loafers

While browsing through the endless varieties of loafer shoes for men, you can easily find the ones that will suit your personal style. But you need to follow some sacred rules before making your style statement with loafers.
While wearing the loafer, make sure that the pants you are putting on are cuffed at the bottom. If your bottoms are slouching to your ankles, it will appear boxy and drift the attention away from your loafers to the poorly tailored pants.
In a chilly weather, you can choose from a variety of some fun printed socks to go along with your loafers and show off your fashionable style. In warm weather, you can go for ankle-less socks for more breathability and avoid stinky feet.

Cool Coloured: Best Loafers for Men

The simplest hack to style with your loafers is wearing them with blue denim. If you prefer black, brown or any other dark colored loafers, you can't go wrong while pairing them up against blue. Let's have a look at the most preferred color choices of loafers for men.`

Brown – This evergreen color teams up perfectly with every other shade under the sun. You can easily put them up against any pants with navy blue to dark green color or deep shades of naive colors like beige.

Black – It is best suited for cool and darker shades of denim. You need to contrast with shades of blue, grey or green while styling black loafers. Black leather loafers are also the best choice to wear at parties and bow-tie events.
If you are having trouble finding the right color for you, you can easily switch to loafers shopping online where you will find the endless color and design patterns.

Material Used

Before categorizing the loafers any further, it important to split them as per their purpose formal and casual. You need to have different loafers for different purposes. You can’t go to a board meeting while wearing light blue shades of loafer below your suit. Similarly, going to a casual party in shiny black leather loafers can seriously put some questions on your style. After the purpose is defined, it’s time to differentiate them according to the material. Every genuine loafer is made up of two materials only, leather and suede.

With a shining appeal, leather loafer categorizes as the best loafer for men, perfect for a formal attire. Built with genuine leather shoes, these shoes are designed to last and they get better as they age. Choosing the right kind of loafer shoes for men is like choosing an outfit for women, both require a lot of thought and inspiration.
On the other hand, suede comes with a more trendy approach to go along with semi-casual to comfort wear. These loafers are your perfect companion for spring and summer. With a variety of color choices available in this category, they significantly boost your lavish look.

Shop for Best Quality Loafers Shoes for Men at Rosso Brunello

Since you have found everything you need to know about loafers, it is a crucial task to find the right type of shoes for you. You can easily do the loafers shopping online at Rosso Brunello with lowest prices on premium quality products. With a huge variety of loafers available in different material and color options, you can easily pick your designer loafers at best prices get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. So what are you waiting for, log on into Rosso Brunello and choose your pair of loafers online.