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Discover this season's collection of iconic men's shoes from classic lace-ups to off duty trainers, tasselled loafers to patent brogues, our designer shoe collection takes luxury to the next level and is designed to impress for every occasion.



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Formal Shoes for Men: The statement of style

The clothing choice of men is simpler as compared to women. Men often seem to have limited choice of colours and the pattern of shoes and dress remain intact for years. But what they always look for is quality. For example, men’s leather shoes have been a part of their wardrobe from the very beginning and make one of the most popular styles of formal shoes. When we talk about formal shoes for men, a lot of people relate them with a professional look. In reality, formal shoes are not limited to office only. They are an integral part of modern man’s lifestyle. They are versatile. Now you may be wondering how this classic style is versatile. Simply think about all the things you are going to do in next week. You need to spend hours in your office working, you need to meet a client on site, you have to go to someone’s birthday, and of course, you need to party by the end of the week. Now imagine running all these errands with a single pair of black leather shoes. Got the picture now! If you can’t perform all these things in a single type of outfit, how can you even think about having only a single pair of formal shoes for all these occasions?

Where to Buy Formal Shoes for Men?

If you are still wondering about which shoe to wear and where to buy them, you need to understand that there are different types of formal shoes for men available in the market. These shoes are categorized in four different categories which can blend in perfectly with your outfit and occasion you are going to.

Formal Leather Shoes: A True Gentlemen’s Choice

Before buying another pair of shoes, you need to have a little bit of knowledge about different types of formal shoes as categorized below:

Oxford: One of the most classic patterns of men’s leather shoes that have evolved and altered with time. These shoes are marked with distinctive streamlined and tradition patterns which have made it possible to wear them on most of the formal occasions. If you are going to a black-tie event or a wedding, these shoes will match perfectly with your Tuxedo or Jodhpuri respectively.

Derby: This is another pattern of formal leather shoes for men which is often confused with Oxford. The major difference between Derby and Oxford is that the former one consists of an open-lacing system in front of the shoe whereas the latter has a very tightly stitched lacing pattern. Derbies are slightly rugged in look, and you can pair them easily with a suit for a more business-casual appeal. Derby looks sharp along with jackets and semi-casual outfits. You can easily opt these shoes with a long kurta or Nehru jacket.

Brogue: Falling in the category of genuine leather shoes for men, Brogue is too versatile to be termed as one single category. With distinctive perforations on its front and sides, these are your perfect companion for most of the occasions like brunch, clubhouse party or even a date night. Just avoid wearing then to super formal occasions. As long as you pair them up with decent-looking pants, you can never go wrong with Brogues.

Loafer: Loafers shoes are semi-casual shoes specifically built for comfort and trendiness. They go very well with denim or pants but avoid wearing them with a suit. These shoes can also become your perfect travel companion.

Buy formal shoes online

Pure leather shoes for men have their style and suave. These characteristics come out shining when these shoes are worn with the right outfit at the right occasion. For instance, wearing genuine leather shoes on a beach will be a huge mistake. Same goes for loafers on a bow-tie event. Since you have found the different types of men’s leather shoes to wear on different occasions, it's time to find the best place to buy them. If you want to save yourself from the trouble of going down to a store, you can buy formal shoes online. You can easily compare from a wide variety of shoes and purchase the one you like the most.

Make a Powerful Style Statement with Men's Formal Shoes

Think of your shoes as your friends. You have a talented banker or business analyst who will reflect greatly on your image in a corporate event. Bringing your gym freak buddy won’t be a good decision for such kind of event, right?. Shoes have the same story- there is one perfect style or a pair for every occasion. Choosing genuine leather shoes for formal occasions is the first right decision you can make. The simplicity of their patterns yet the bold appeal of leather are a direct reflection of your personality.

Buy Formal Leather Shoes for Men at Rosso Brunello

You can easily buy men’s leather shoes at Rosso Brunello website. With a wide variety of patterns and colours available in men formal shoes category, you can simply buy them with few taps on your mobile phone screen. Built with premium quality materials, Rosso Brunello shoes are perfect for different occasions.