Heels: A Guide to Women’s Footwear

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If you’re a serious fashion lover, there is no way you can overlook the most vital part of your attire while dressing up- your shoes. Women hold a special place in their heart for all kinds of shoes with different types of heels.


Women’s footwear comes with a variety of heels. And the whole point of wearing heels is to look tall, confident and well groomed. Frankly, people over 5’9” don’t need to look any taller. Which is why you need to know what heels suit you best. Here’s a list of the most basic heels you should have in your wardrobe.

Kitten Heels

Something about the name kitten heels just makes you giggle. But, these are one of the most common and comfortable heels out there. The heel is up to 2inches in height and is versatile for parties or work events where you don’t need that extra height.


Also known as court shoes, pumps are easy to spot. In their basic form, pumps have a heel height of about 2-3 inches. They have closed counters and a cut out top that exposes the entire top of your foot starting from the toe. Classic pumps have a seamless vamp and come without laces, buckles, straps or ties. They can add instant glamour to your outfit, whether casual or formal.


The holy grail of heels- stilettos are one of the most good looking and tallest shoes around. The height of the heel can rise up to 8 inches and can take a toll on your feet if worn for too long. They are strictly meant for formal occasions where you don’t have to walk around too much.


Mostly, the heel of the shoe sits only under the heel of the foot. But a wedge heel runs under the entire length of the foot- from the back of the shoe to the front. Wedges don’t really have a very high heel; it’s the shape of the heel that categorizes it as a wedge. They are very retro-chic and can be worn with flared pants and pleated skirts.

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