A Cheat Sheet to Men’s Shoes

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Footwear for men has come a long way. Ancient woven flip-flops have morphed into new age loafers, sneakers, moccasins and what not. That also pops up the question –what transforms the shoe from a thing of need to a must-have in your closet? From a piece of accessory to your fall-back mechanism at social, formal or any gregarious setting.

The answer is evolution. Shoes have evolved and so have human needs. And then, ergonomics--your shoe type has a strong bearing on your posture, your walk, even how you present yourself. Therefore, getting to that perfect pair is absolutely necessary.

Though purpose and usage largely help get around the issue, craftsmanship, material and construction are the three pillars definitive to shoes for men. The art and craft styles can be as diverse as from complex Italian to homespun Indian.

When it comes to material, nothing comes even closer to challenging leather. Full grain leather – meaning minimally treated leather– ages with the refinement of alcohol over time. PVC soles and metal shanks are known for making the shoe durable and sophisticated. And finally, it’s the craftsmanship that holds it all together.

Men shoes broadly fall into four basic types- derby, oxford, strap and slip-ons. Both derby and oxford are lace-up shoes known for their snug fit. The oxford is closed-faced which sets it up really well for a formal environment while the open-facing derby leans more towards casual comfort.

Strap shoes come with different variants; monk straps top the alpha male look. In fact, sandals too are an extended version of the strap shoe. Slip-on shoes like loafers rule the high fashion ensemble. Boots make the category of slip-ons in a broader sense.

Understanding the art of shoe making will make it much simpler for you to be able to pick out that perfect pair. Check out these shoes for men and see if you can get it right. For any assistance, we are always here.

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